Weight Loss

Whether you are looking for TruVision Health or Abia Health, you have come to the right place. Both products are hands-down the best weight loss supplements on the market. The choice is yours.


ExtremeBalance is a blood sugar product. Abia ExtremeBalance helps improve cardiovascular health, regulate blood sugar, protect your immune system, and maintain healthy pancreatic function. This product has received great feedback! CLICK HERE to order Extreme Fit,

*For best weight loss results combine this product with Abia ExtremeFit.

ExtremeFit is the most popular of all of Abia’s Weight Loss products. Abia ExtremeFit was developed with several of the most popular ingredients in the weight loss industry. ExtremeFit has incredible appetite suppression. In addition to great appetite suppression, ExtremeFit helps boost your metabolism, breaks down fat cells, and is a potent fat burner. If you want to suppress your appetite and drop the pounds in a hurry, Abia ExtremeFit is what you need! This product, like all of our products, is manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP approved facility. CLICK HERE to order Extreme Balance.

*For best weight loss results combine this product with Abia ExtremeBalance.

If you are in search of a product to help shed those unwanted pounds, we have what you are looking for! This product was developed with some of the most effective weight loss ingredients currently available. Abia Weight Loss suppresses appetite, inhibits fat production, promotes healthy weight loss, helps obtain healthy blood sugar levels, and supports cholesterol health. This product like all of our products is manufactured in an FDA registered and GMP approved facility. Abia Weight Loss is Gluten and GMO free. CLICK HERE to order Weight Loss.

*For best weight loss results combine this product with Abia Energy.

Need a boost of energy to pick you up throughout the day? Give Abia Energy a try! Abia Energy will give you a much needed jolt of energy as well as give your metabolism a boost. Couple this product with Abia Weight Loss to achieve great weight loss results. If you don’t have any extra pounds you need to get rid of, you can take Abia Energy for that extra boost of energy and to keep your metabolism rate up. It is recommended that you do not take this product within 8 hours of your scheduled bedtime. CLICK HERE to order Abia Energy.

*For best weight loss results combine this product with Abia Weight Loss.

Abia All in One is a combined weight loss and energy product. All in One suppresses appetite, boosts fat burn, helps increase energy, and boosts your metabolism. The energy in All in One is the least intense of Abia products with energy in them. With Abia All in One, you get it all with only 2 pills a day! CLICK HERE to order Abia All In One.

Abia ProB 40 is a blend of 4 strains (40 billion organisms) of probiotic bacteria. ProB 40 is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial bacteria. By taking this product on a regular basis, ProB 40 can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This supplement also contains FOS to help with healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms. ProB 40 is designed to help with a range of problems involving the gut. The key to reaping the benefits of probiotics is to make sure you are taking a product that has actual live organism in it by the time it reaches you. ProB 40 is equipped with Maktrek3 D By-Pass Technology. CLICK HERE to order ProB 40.

This product is a complete Brain Boost Formula. The proprietary ingredients of Abia Focus improve the functioning of the mind and body in several ways. One ingredient, dimethylaminoethanol is responsible for improving mood, boosting the function of the memory, raising intelligence levels, and increasing physical energy. Another, L-pyroglutamic acid, works to improve mental focus and concentration. These ingredients, combined with the others in Abia Focus, allow it to offer these benefits and many more. CLICK HERE to order Abia Focus.

If you need to cleanse and detox your body, look no further. Abia Cleanse contains a complex blend of antioxidants to help detoxify your entire body. Just a few of the benefits of this proprietary supplement are, lowering cholesterol levels, improves immune response to harmful organisms, helps to maintain a healthy weight, promotes skin health, reduces respiratory distress, improves cellular health, and contains anti-aging properties. Abia Cleanse is packed to the brim with feel good properties and nutrients for anyone. CLICK HERE to order Abia Cleanse.


TruVision Health™ is committed to innovation and is always forging the way for quality health products. Never settling for status quo, the company has made it a global mission to help people improve their health. truCONTROL™ is the latest in this revolutionary health mission as TruVision arms individuals with the most powerful tool available to optimize weight management, the healthy way.

Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, truCONTROL is designed to spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy. Giving you the accelerated edge you need to conquer your health and weight management goals. Take back your life and enjoy every minute of it with TruVision Health’s newest product, truCONTROL. You’ll love the way it makes you feel but more importantly, you’ll love the results.