7 Day Sugar Detox

Day 1

So officially it is day 2 of my sugar free week. I did weigh myself on the morning of day 1 and I also weighed that night and this morning. I have made a decision though to NOT weigh myself again until the end of the 7 days. Although I have lost 3 pounds since yesterday morning, I do not want to weigh myself and see i haven’t lost anything and feel I’m not making a difference.
Although this diet is not only about losing weight,  it is very important to me. I am participating in a weight loss Challenge now for the next 3 months and I hope to at least win a spot. #1 spot would not be bad since the prize is  $500

Trying a sugar free lifestyle is something I have though much about in the past. I already have taken meat out of my diet and I feel so much better from that alone. I use to have such horrible pains come on that I found out were gallbladder attacks . The doctor even suggested I have my gallbladder removed.
Well, unless it is absolutely necessary,  I  do not intend on getting rid of any of my God given body parts. Although that was not the sole reason for cutting out meat, I have not had any instances since then.

Now in light of a recent death of a friend , I know I am ready to make some serious changes. I mean I am basically healthy. I have thyroid disease and I suffer from PMDD. I also have severe menstrual cramps and I have chronic migraines. I was wary of starting this diet this particular week bc it is exactly a week before my period, but then I considered that maybe this may actually help.
I am out of my “women” supplements that help with my pmdd so this can be a horrible decision,  or it can be the best decision I could have made. Only time will tell. I have already been suffering this week from PMDD, And so has everyone around me. You have to understand PMDD to know what I mean..

So far, the diet itself has went extremely well. I’m only on day 2 but I do feel good.  I may have been slightly under the false impression that removing sugar from my life was going to instantaneously make me feel like a gymnast.
When I weighed for the challenge at the end of last week I was 192 pounds. I did eat healthy over the weekend to prepare and come Monday I had already lost 3 pounds. Now I have lost an additional 3 pounds. I am still taking my weight loss supplements as well. Maybe one day I will not have a need for them. But right now I love the way they make me feel and they also help me with my migraines.

I did wake up this morning with the appetite of a bear. I nibbled on some nuts, had some flax seed crackers and a blood orange.

Sugar free diet

Here are some foods that I bought for this week.

I have not really had any urges to eat sweets. I thought the cravings would be much worse. I was even given a piece of chocolate candy and I stuck it in my purse for the kids.
I made a smoothie today and it went much better than yesterday. Today I bought some almond milk for my smoothie tomorrow .

I also had a migraine that came on slowly through the day. I took an imitrex around 8pm and then it was gone quickly.

Day 1 diet

Blood orange
3 eggs and hot tea
Handful nuts
Blood orange
Fruit smoothie with plant protein, hemp and Chia seeds
An orange and a few nuts
Hot Kava tea
Another blood orange
A huge salad with tomatoes and seasoned olive oil
Water with lemon
Flaxseed crackers  (which are delicioso)
Another blood orange

Day 2 diet

2 organic eggs
Hot tea
Handful mixed nuts
3-4 flax crackers
Smoothie with berries and plant protein, hemp and Chia seeds
Stir fried veggies on bed of quinoa
Blood orange
Chamomile tea

organic eggs
Organic Eggs & Tea


I feel fabulous. Now when I woke up and first got out of bed, my body was a little achy at first. It usually is,  but it seemed to be a little less achy this morning.  I will see what it’s like tomorrow.  I have been cleaning for about an hour now and it’s only 7:21 am . I usually clean up every morning but I do seem to have a bit more pep in my step.
I also just started my period.  Now I know it’s only day 3 but I have had 0 cramps.  I ALWAYS have severe cramps until at least day 2… so I thought that strange. If I stay on this diet, I will have to see how it goes next month. However, I have had some PMDD this past week. Started around Wednesday or Thursday. It was much worse them but  it did seem to ease up by Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday morning I definitely was feeling it, but by afternoon  I had no PMDD symptoms at all. What a crazy observation , but very interesting .. this definitely makes me want to continue on this journey.
I am also not hungry at all this morning. I have a glass of ice water with lemon and I’ll have breakfast later.
I am so wanting to weigh myself. I really need to hide the scale until Sunday.  It’s more tempting than a piece of candy.

I am starting to cramp just a tiny bit.. but on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 1. Whereas usually it is a 12..

blood orange
Blood orange

I was not hungry all morning but after I had 3 eggs, I was very hungry, so I also had some nuts and a blood orange.

TODAY has been a good day. I have felt good.  I didn’t weigh but I feel like I have lost some more weight. I can’t believe it has been this easy to Stick to this diet. I am not having cravings.  Maybe it’s the Abia supplements? I’d so, that is great. I am drinking much more water as well.

Tomorrow I am taking my son out to eat so I am not sure what I will eat there . It will be Mexican so i Won’t have many options.

3 organic eggs
Hot tea
Blood orange
Handful of mixed nuts
Protein shake
Flax crackers
Kava tea


deez nuts
Mixed Nuts

Halfway done and I’m surprised. I have not turned into a model yet, but I am starting to notice little things. It seems as though

my body isn’t as achy as it used to be. My legs are still a little tender when I run across them but they don’t seem to be as bad.

No headaches yesterday and none today. Cramps still on a 1 or 2 on a scale from 1-10.  Last week I complained about  pain in my teeth on my left side. Whenever I would walk, I would feel a small pain with each step. I wanted to go to the dentist to make sure I didn’t have a cavity,  but now that pain is completely gone.

I’m still tempted to step on the scale but I will wait. Today my body feels a little bloated to me but maybe it’s in my head. My clothes fit about  the same. My ring is a bit tighter so I may be bloated.

I had 3 organic eggs for breakfast.  Going to munch on some tomatoes now. I got some delicious tomatoes at Sams club for a little more than $6… they aren’t organic but still yummy.

One crazy chick


Ok. So I boo booed yesterday. I took my some to the Mexican restaurant and Indonesia pretty good. I only ordered a water with lemon.
My son ordered cheese dip,  enchiladas and beans. By the end of the meal, I kept contemplating whether or not there was any sugar in the re-fried beans. I finally came to the conclusion that there wasn’t any and I had me a small bite. OMG! Pure heaven!
So I ended up eating a few small bites. Then I continued on to his remaining cheese enchilada.  I know I am not having cheese, but hey, cheese is better than sugar? So I finished off his uneaten enchilada.
I will say that just those few bites filled me up so much. I didn’t get hungry for the rest of the night. I did have a few blood oranges and a cup of tea before going to bed.

weight loss
Day 5

Now, this morning I was weak again. Not for food.. but the scale.. no, I never did put it away. So there it sits every day, taunting me, every time I go into the bathroom.  Well this morning I just couldn’t resist any longer. I figured it may actually be a good thing to check my progress? Isn’t is funny how your mind will rationalize things that you REALLY want to do?

Well, I have no regrets..  because I was 174..  I couldn’t believe it.. I have lost 5 pounds .. even with mi comida Mexicana…. I am super super super  optimistic now.
Oh yeah.. and one of my back teeth has been hurting just a little when I walk.  I feel it with each step i take. It no longer hurts. Not sure if I already mentioned that in an earlier post 🙂

3 organic eggs
Water with lemon
Blood orange
3 flax crackers
Fruit smoothie with plant protein, hemp and Chia seeds
2 blood oranges
Handful of nuts
Spring Mix Salad w/tomatoes


So here I am almost done. The cravings are a little worse today.  Only because it is the weekend and I have so much more temptation.  My grandson came to visit so I gave him a cookie, it took all my willpower to not eat one.
I still feel good. I have a small bit of cramping but that is almost at the end.
I can’t believe I have went almost an entire week without any sugar. I will weigh myself on Monday morning for my 7 day results.

Vegan smoothie
Protein Smoothie

Ok, so I had ONE small sugar cookie. I had to make sure they were not stale 😉

I am feeling a bit more hungry today and craving more sweets. I only took one dose of Abia so maybe that is the reason.  I am looking forward to enjoying my first guilt free meal after this is over . I think it will be either Mexican or Hibachi.

For now I will have another orange .

Ok I done pretty good the rest of the day. My cravings were still a bit wild. I finally finished the night with a spring leaf salad with tomatoes and avacado. I found that avocado seasoned with salt/pepper tasted much better than the dressing I have been making either olive oil and seasonings.

I am really happy that tomorow is the last day. I am excited to weigh myself on Monday morning. If my weight loss goes below 172 pounds, then that will be the lowest I have been in years.. I am really considering keeping to this diet from here on out. Not sure how I will do it. Of course I won’t be as strict.

2 boiled eggs
Handful nuts
2 blood oranges
A few flax crackers
Protein shake
1 sugar cookie
Blood orange
Salad with half avocado


Yes!!!! I made it to day 7. And I followed it well. Yes, I had a bite of beans and some enchilada,  and I had ONE small cookie, but other than that it went perfect.

protein shake

I feel great, I have no headaches since the one I had at the beginning,  my PMDD and PMS symptoms were almost non existent.  I am noticing small aches and pains disappear.  I have tons of energy. (I even played racquetball today) I am going to the bathroom more regularly now and I just feel healthier overall.

I will weigh in the morning to get the final result. I want to weigh in the morning since I weighed the first time in the morning. I KNOW I have lost a good bit of weight. Today I noticed the weight loss in the mirror.  My hourglass shape is coming back and my clothes are a bit looser today.

This will most definitely be a lifestyle change because I have had enough proof on only one week the benefits of going without sugar… If I am having these results in only a week, I can just imagine what it will be like in 2 weeks, a month, 6 months and even a year!!!!

Protein shake
Ezekiel bread with natural peanut butter
Blood orange
Handful nuts
Fruit smoothie w/plant protein, almond milk, hemp and Chia seeds


weight loss
7 Pound Weight Loss