Sensitive? Me?

Funny how a slight shift in a belief pattern can drastically alter a persons life. Recently I was told by a very wise person that I had a sensitive soul.  When she said those words to me, I thought to myself, “Who? Me? Ha…… obviously she’s not as smart as those plaques on her wall make her appear to be. I’M STRONG.  As a matter of fact, I’m just the OPPOSITE of sensitive. You don’t go through the things I have being sensitive. ”

So there I went.. All day long.. enraged.. pondering on those 2 little words… “sensitive soul”… how dare she? She doesn’t know me. She thinks she gets me..  I was angry.. and I was perplexed at how she could read me in such a way. So I silently fumed.  I didn’t dare tell anyone..I kept this all to myself.. I mean, what would people think if I told them what she said..? They would see how upset that I was and they would probably think I was a ……….. sensitive soul.

Well It took me a few hours.. ok.. a few days… OK..OK.. about a week.. of evaluating my life. Analyzing all the ordeals I’ve encountered throughout my life. All the “traumas”…,. the situations… and when I really thought about it, and only when I was really honest with myself, it all made sense.  Why do I feel the way I do? Why do past hurts still affect me soooo much? Why am I I OBSESSED with healing myself and becoming a better person? Well, because I’m a sensitive soul.
You see at first I equated sensitive with weak. But in actuality, the very definition of definition of sensitive is ” quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.”

And I realized.. being a sensitive soul is a privilege.   I am Blessed to be a sensitive soul. “Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences.”. there is no other word that describes me better. Suddenly, I felt a newfound sense of freedom.  You know when they say that things you hate most in other people are the very things that are most present in yourself.. well…. I DESPISE sensitive people.  As a matter of fact, I’ve sarcastically ridiculed many people whom I’ve deemed “sensitive”. Now I see these same people, and I suddenly have respect for them.  And then I feel humbled. Because the truth is , the very people that I once thought so low of, we’re the very people that were most like me.  And I judged them. When subconsciously I was judging myself. Only because of a life long belief pattern that equated sensitive with weakness.

A sensitive soul hurts easily because we are more in touch with our vulnerabilities. We just need to remind ourselves that not everything we perceive to be negative is actually a bad thing. A sensitive soul holds on to pain because that is where we feel safe… that is where we feel protected and sheltered. We just need to learn how to release that pain and keep moving forward. A sensitive soul hurts for other people, it’s a struggle for us to trust but we are also quick to forgive. A sensitive soul is an old soul. In touch with our spiritual side, and misunderstood by many. We’re called wierd and we are told we are different at a young age.. which sets up the belief pattern that something is wrong with us, when in fact, we are just wise beyond our years.  By relating sensitive with weakness, we make it loud and clear that we DO NOT care about anything or anyone. We don’t care about what people think of us and we don’t care whether they like us or not. But in reality, we care too much. And that is why we are so easily hurt. We just need to understand that it’s ok to hurt. We hurt because we are alive. Because we are human.

Now I know that sensitive equals strong, we are intuitive, sharp, we are VERY aware and we are not easily fooled…

Now when I run across a sensitive person, I feel compatibility..and even as a stranger, I feel a sense of camaraderie.. and I am proud to be in their presence and I am proud to be a sensitive soul.