How to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

Losing weight and  keeping it off is a commitment.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a permanent change in the way you think about food. It can difficult or it can be easy.  Whichever your mind chooses to believe.  But if your are willing to make some drastic food changes, you will lose weight.  And I say drastic because it is some major changes. But I did not say hard. There are so many wonderful and delicious things to eat, you are just switching one for the other…

My story:

I never had any weight issues when I was younger. I didn’t always eat healthy, but I have always been involved in some type of exercise routine. I gave birth to 6 children and never had problems losing the weight afterwards. Sometimes it was a little tough, but I just put more effort into it and I always lost the weight.

Then when I was around 30 years old, the weight started to come on at an unbelievable speed. I ate carrots and drank water,  I was running on the treadmill an hour a day, but it seemed the harder I tried,  the more weight I gained.  I was exhausted,  my energy level was a 0, my hair was falling out and I gained 40 pounds in a month.
After several tests,  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism,  and so began my weight struggles.

In the past 13 years I have tried almost every diet available.  I have taken a variety of supplements and vitamins, some worked,  some didn’t, but still, the weight would always come back.

Throughout the years and through all the set backs, I was never one that gave up. I refused to just “be happy the way that I am”, no matter how many times that was said to me. I also had an intuition,  a gut feeling,  that there was an answer,  and it was just around the corner and I just couldn’t place my finger on it. Deep down I knew that one day,  the answers would come.. and they have.. and now I am sharing them with you , in hopes that I can help just one person not only live a longer life, but  become healthier, have more energy, lose weight and feel great.

My results? Since following this regime for 2 months now,  I have lost 29 pounds, my chronic migraines have almost been eliminated and little aches and pains I once had are gone. Also, after suffering from excruciating PMDD and PMS my entire adult life , my symptoms are almost non existent now. That in itself is a blessing.

Here are a few “staples” that should be followed everyday.

Eat every 3 hours. It is NOT how much you eat that is important, it is WHAT you eat. You should be eating a snack every 3 hours. When your body goes for more than 3 hours, it goes into starvation mode. Then when you do eat, it stores that as fat to “prepare” for your next “starvation”.               Keep your body alive, active and full of energy by eating healthy & nutritious snacks in between meals. Could be anything from an orange, apple or  even a salad.

MEALS. According to what part of the world you live in, it is usually customary to eat huge & hearty meals. They will eat so much that they feel they are going to bust.. Buffets and “all you eat” offerings make it tough to stick with what your body needs and over-doing it  seems to be imminent. Meals should never leave you wanting to vomit, go to sleep or just feel exhausted .. as a matter of fact, they should do just the opposite.       A “meal” should not be much more than a snack.  The purpose of a meal is to deliver vital nutrients to your body. It is a great time to get your protein, vitamins, etc all at once .

Water. This is a no-brainer, but I can’t stress this enough. Since you will be limiting your sugar and increasing your intake of wholesome foods, your body will naturally detox. The more water you drink, the more toxins you will flush out of your system and the quicker your body will heal itself.

Hot tea.. Lipton has some really great ones. I like their lemon ginseng and blueberry acai berry. I also enjoy chamomile at night.

Supplements… You will never consume enough food to get ALL the nutrients your body needs. Therfore,  I highly recommend a good, quality supplement daily. I use the woman’s vitamins from Sam’s Club. I also take Abia Health supplements daily because they not only have some amazing properties like Biotin, vitamin E, etc., but they also increase my energy,  help curb my appetite and keep the cravings away. On top of that, they contain manganese,  chromium and magnesium,  which is very beneficial for migraine prevention.

My diet is geared towards the paleo diet. And being I have thyroid disease, I search out autoimmune paleo recipes. It’s a bit tougher for me since I also stay away from eggs, dairy, grains, corn, soy, peanuts and gluten. Being a vegetarian I have to make sure to get plenty of protein from other sources.
But for most people, following a high protein diet is no problem.

Remember, there is no need to be perfect with this.. as a matter of fact, it is a good idea to pick 1 or 2 days where you eat whatever you want…. as long as you eat “right” the majority of the time, you should have no trouble losing weight. So you may give yourself the weekend, or maybe Sunday and Wednesday or whatever.. no guilt, no shame…. just don’t go overboard. Eat what you want, but don’t eat yourself sick, and don’t go and consume 4000 calories…. What you will soon discover is that the longer you are eating right, the less you will want to eat wrong, and before you know it, you will never want to eat unhealthy foods.

Some of my favorite foods:

         Arugula & Spinach Salad with grilled salmon and tomatoes.. it’s so delicious, there is no need for any type of dressings. The cool thing about salads is that you can play with them and build them to your liking. You can add strawberries, avocado, salt/pepper and so much more. Just be sure to get your “flavoring” from your foods and not sugar filled salad dressings.

       Protein shakes…I prefer the Organ because  they taste so good, have 20 grams of protein and does not contain anything harmful such as sucralose, sugar, carrageenan. They do contain dairy but it’s a small amount so I still enjoy them.  Very handy for those days you are in a hurry and don’t have time to eat a cooked meal.

Yes soup       YES soups…. they are one of the few soups that contain NO sugar and they are full of nutrients. Some of them do contain meat and/or wheat products, but again, they are perfect for lunch or even an afternoon snack.

All kinds of fruits.. the more seeds, the better they are for you, like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I also LOVE tangerines. I keep a bowl of them around for a quick snack or when ever I get a sweet tooth.

Roasted vegetables. It is unbelievable how you can have such a tasty meal with so fresh calories and soooo good for you. I like to take cauliflower, broccoli and carrots… coat them in organic coconut oil, bake on 400 degree for 25 minutes and yummy. You can add seasoning or salt to your taste.. Brussel sprouts are also great coated in organic coconut oil and toasted in the oven.

Shrimp. I LOVE all kinds of shrimp. For a little kick, stir fry them with olive oil and add a touch of cayenne pepper or sriracha sauce. YUM….. be careful for fried shrimp you get in the restaurant since it is likely coated in flour and/or eggs.

Protein Protein Protein : You should be eating the minimum of 35 grams of protein a day.  You will be surprised at how you can eat so much MORE food and still lose weight, as long as you are eating lots of protein.  Protein is KEY!

Some excellent snacks that I love but I limit my intake due to thyroid is:

Eggs. I like scrambled eggs as well as boiled eggs for a quick snack. This is another food that should be eliminated if you suffer from autoimmune disease.

Nuts. My favorite are cashews, pistachios and almonds. Remember that it is very easy to eat too many nuts. Just a handful at a time is enough. If you suffer from migraines as I do, just know that some nuts can be a trigger for you. I have eliminated nuts from my diet as of 3 weeks ago.

Peanut butter… just licking a spoonful is yummy and will actually fill you up.

(more to come)

Do YOU have any weight loss tips? Or do you have any questions or comments about this post? Please comment below… 🙂 And feel free to share this page with someone you feel could benefit from the information..