The Strong & Privileged Millennial Women

Image provided by when did society make women so weak? Yes, they stand for what they believe in, yes, they March the streets with their face painted and hold signs. And at the slightest touch from a male, they cry sexual assault.  At the slightest comment in the workplace,  they cry sexual harassment.  Is that a strong woman? Is that woman fierce? Or is she merely a sheep in a pasture of lions?

The millennial “women” of today want equality. They want to be treated the same as their male counterparts.  Yet they don’t want to act the same. Do men need medication to get over the anxiety of a female that may have brushed against his butt? Or does a male demand jail of any female that dare tell him how hot he is?? Of course not! Men see that as a compliment.

So are the young women of today really as tough as they portray themselves to be? Do they really want equality? Or is this just a way way for the spoiled and egotistical young women get the attention they crave and feel they are entitled to? How about sending them into battle, in the line of fire, just like the men, and see how tough they really are?

The truly strong,  really tough women of today? You don’t see them in protests.  You won’t find them in the courts with their sexual accusations. You won’t find them marching down the streets “taking a stand”. That is because these women are too busy working to provide a better life for themselves and their family. These women are already on the front lines.These women don’t have the time or the need to be in the spotlight for 15 minutes of notoriety. These women are already living an exceptional life because that is the life they created for themselves.