Love is Always the Way

“I sure needed to hear that ”
“It fits my life right now ”

Just a couple responses I got from my Surrender Prayer. Just knowing that I put a smile on someone face is one of the best feelings in the world…

Ego? You bet! But it’s the good kind of ego. It’s the “Mother Teresa” kind of ego. I believe that a strong ego is not always a bad thing. TheĀ  most important thing to recognize is the basis for the ego.. Did it make you feel powerful? Did it make you feel better than others or does it make you think people will like you more now?
Or does it make you feel love? Does it warm your heart to know that you softened someone else’s heart?
You can never ever fail when it comes to love. Love is always the answer and love is always the way. Regardless if it’s the ego or whatever it may be. Always lead with love and you will never be wrong.