Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress, calm anxiety, clear the mind and enter into a deep state of relaxation. Solo meditation is best when it comes come to completely and totally emptying the mind of all thoughts and all pictures, but this can be very difficult for some people.. Especially if you are a beginner or if you have trouble concentrating and focusing. That is where guided meditation can be extremely useful.

I only used guided meditation for years… And one of the benefits of guided mediation is that you can choose a topic” of focus.. You can find guided meditations all over the internet that focuses on on things such as health, abundance, love, pain, etc.. Guided meditation is also useful for people that need to “meditate on the run” so to speak..

I have many favorites when it comes to guided meditations.. But as with most everything, you will need to find someone that resonates with you. Deepak Chopra is great and he has many free meditations on his site, although many of them are not spoken by Deepak himself. You can find some great ones HERE.

There are also thousands of guided meditations that you can find on youtube.. Some of my favorites are Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks and Lilou Mace. The key is to listen to several until you find one with a voice, a flow and an energy that is in alignment with your vibrations.

If you have some favorite guided meditations, please share them in the comments below.