I done something I have never done before.. I took pictures, unedited, pictures that showed all my flaws, no makeup,  shorts , and I submitted them into a weight loss contest.

Now I’ve submitted many a picture. But each picture was carefully taken at an angle where it is obvious I am bigger in the before picture,  yet I still look good.

These pictures? No special angles or lighting. No filters. Just me, straight out of the shower photos.
Even though I was dressed,  I felt naked.  I felt vulnerable.. as if exposing my true looks also meant exposing my secrets.. I felt raw and fit a moment it took me back to my childhood where I was forced to strip and stand naked for all to see. I felt ashamed.. but surprisingly,  with all those emotions running wild,  I also felt a sense of freedom. I felt as if a part of me that I have always kept hidden has now been released and in return, my ego has been shut down and my mind has been set free.

Yes I have cellulite.. yes I have scars. I have fat and I have visible veins. Do you even know how much energy it takes to conceal so much on a daily basis?

And no, I have not left my house looking as such, but submitting the pictures was a step in the right direction.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I am not the woman you will find in Walmart in my pj’s,  slippers and unkempt hair.. but from now on, I just may be that lady you will find in public wearing shorts,  no makeup and not giving a damn what anyone thinks.