My MKMMA Experience

If a bridge falls, do we blame gravity? Or if our lights goes out, do we blame electricity? Of course not. These things are always the result of mans inability to perfect the mechanisms.

So then, if we know that thought is building for us the things we want and bringing them nearer, why do we not blame ourselves when we fail to achieve the things we desire?

We know that negative thinking pushes our desires further away, yet we still find it difficult to banish fear, anxiety and discouragement.

Through the MKMMA I have learned to replace my thoughts rather than get rid of my negative thinking. If a challenging situation arises, I catch myself and immediately repeat (out loud if possible) “I am whole, complete, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

Exercises like these are priceless! They literally improve the quality of your life. Just as aspirin will alleviate a headache, so this program alleviates inner pain by teaching us ways to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

I am forever grateful for the MKMMA.