Where the Rubber Meets the Wrist

We have all been there. We decide to better our lives, weed out the negativity. So we indulge ourselves with mindfulness, personal development books, audios, videos and we turn off all the “chatter”. And then we actually feel ourselves raising to another level, a higher plane. And then out of nowhere, BAM!!! All the sudden, everyone around you wants to dump THEIR bull crap right on top of your head.

And usually this will come from well-intentioned friends and family. Truth is, most people are so deep in their melodramatic world, that they do not even realize it. They only feel the need to “vent” and for some reason, maybe the Universe is playing a cruel joke, or just maybe the Universe is “testing” you for a reaction, but whatever the reason, they ALWAYS find YOU to dump on.

Well, you only have 2 choices: You can (a) kick them to the curb and eliminate them from your life completely.. Which btw is the best option, but unfortunately may be unrealistic if said negative person was a close family member or even worse, a spouse. So then you are left with option (b), which is to find a way to disengage and allow their negative attitude and comments to bounce completely off you without any affect whatsoever on your inner world..

Easier said than done, huh..? Well I have learned a trick at an event I attended many years ago. I used it successfully in the past but then I stopped and well, I forgot about it.. Until recently, when I attended another event and they brought it back to my attention. It is really simple.

Find an elastic band, even a rubber band will do. Wear it on your wrist AT ALL TIMES. Whenever you have an encounter with anyone that seems to be sucking the positive energy right out of you, STOP, consciously become aware of their actions and realize that YOU are higher than that.. NOT your circus, NOT your monkeys. Pull that band back as far as you can and SNAP!!!! OUCH!!! Yes, it will hurt.. but you know what? So does allowing the BS to steal your happiness. You want to STOP that shit before it EVER gets below your epidermis. And trust me, after you have “snapped” a few times, you will realize that the physical pain causes way less damage than the emotional havoc this person is attempting to inflict on your life.

So the next time someone insults you, SNAP!
The next time someone criticizes you, SNAP!
The next time someone belittles you, SNAP!
The next time someone starts to tell you how rotten their day has been, how horrible their life is or how awful everything is, SNAP!

And before you know it, you won’t even have to snap on people anymore. Your mind soon will be able to instantly recognize their behavior and you will have become so aware and so conscience of their actions that all you will need to do then is SMILE 🙂