He Almost Killed Me

Pictures swirling in my mind
like a movie
Frozen in time, left alone
trembling. Did I die?
Who was this monster?
It wasn’t him,
It was hatred, it was anger
It was pure evil.
Where did he go?
Did his heart retreat?
was it tucked away in the darkness?
the questions I ask myself.
The hands that hold me
The hands that feel so warm and protects me
are now the hands I feel so tight
squeezing the life out of me.
He doesn’t remember
does that lesson the pain?
Does it take away the memories?
Overcome by my own grief
fighting the “what if’s”
Shielding my heart and protecting my body
reminding myself of the love
the genuine love that was overshadowed for a moment
that moment that is forever etched in my mind
yet covered over completely
with forgiveness and healing
Good overcomes evil
Love always prevails.
the soul is a powerful thing
the very life of you
The body breaks, the mind is shattered
but 2 souls intertwined
can never be torn apart.