Baby’s Story

I witnessed something tonight that really brought itself into a perspective. The night previous, my girlfriend saved a rabbit..a little baby one, from deaths maw (or mittens the cat’s jaws) This little thing was adorable, so she and I decided to nurse it up , and let it go when it was strong enough to go. She (my girlfriend) named this little one “Baby”. Baby was energetic, playful but injured. She was brave. Then for some reason she decided to give up.

I watched every little breath, still petting her, cooing to her to fight to live. She did not however have the strength to do so. At 8:41 pm On Sept 4th, 2014, she drew her last breath. Through tears , I tried my hardest to project it to her to no avail. I sent love, sweet thoughts, everything I could project to her that might get her to fight for her life. I felt like I failed. Which did upset me immensely. It hit me during the night that it wasnt my failure. She felt alone, scared maybe, captive. SHE wanted Freedom.

We human beings do this very thing all th time. We give up just before the door opens. We let fear of rejection, poverty, and how others view us , cause us to just give up. We forget to empower ourselves, we forget to keep fighting. We adjust to what society deems, or the programming in our subconcious mind. Why do we conform ? Why do we accept what people tell us is right without question? I shall elaborate..Read on..

We do these things out of fear. We procrastinate, because of the who are we to dare push ourselves to be better, kind of thinking. That which is normal, indeed should not be. Take the Red pill, it can free our mind. Take the blue pill you go back to the normal every day routine. Back to the “Matrix” as it were. Think Critically.. That is the one thing most of us actually forget to do. We do not utalize the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. OUR Minds.
If we could use it as effectively as it was capable of, I believe the human race would be absolutely unstoppable. Yet we only use up to 10 percent of ours, less than 5% during an average day probably. I encourage you to seek knowledge and use the gift that the universe gave you. Succeed , and by all means think.

Steve Griffin