1 smile 1 change in perspective.

All of us know that our energy (what we project from ourselves) can positively or adversely affect everything around us. This includes other people. Ever been having a bad day, and someone suddenly does something nice to or for you ? You snapped right out of that negaive process and began to cheer up right ? That is the exact importance of projecting positive energy into the environment around you. You may not realize the domino (or ripple effect) it can produce, but to others it may be the only positive human contact that they have, or get. It could be that one smile, or that one nice thing that you did, that can change that person’s day , or perhaps, their life.

Can it be that important you might ask ? YES! It can be just that important. It is most definately important to remain positive as well as to remove negative energy around you. Remember the saying ” The Devils in the details” ? Same principle applies with what you want out of life. You want to be happy ? You want to be successful ? You have to surround yourself with happy and successful energy and people. Like minds can motivate you to be more positive.

Napoleon Hill Was a very smart and intelligent person. ( There is a Difference between the two) He noted that even an atom had a negative aspect. It is indeed a built in aspect. So it is up to us to remove that negative aspect. It ALL begins with you. It ends wherever the positive influence is allowed to end. However, It is indeed a ripple effect. Positive energy builds, soothes, brings more of it back to itself. Negative, destroys, rots, ages and it also attracts more of the same back to it. The question that remains is this: Which choice will you pick ?

Will you be brave and change the world , one person at a time.. Or will you stand by and watch the results of someone else taking the action in your place. Change your perspective..change your life.

Written by Stephen Griffin