Burning ALL Bridges

Think & Grow Rich Chapter 2: Desire

Burn our bridges behind you. Burn all ships and cut all sources of retreat. I have read this chapter half a dozen times but never picked up on this key point until now.

Maybe I overlooked it because I was not ready or willing to burn my bridges. My bridges were there to rescue me In times of need. I always felt safe knowing I had somewhere or someone to turn to in case things didn’t go as planned.

Could this be what has been holding me back all this time? Have I really put all my effort into my business, knowing that if I fail, I always had another source of income I can hide behind?

Things have happened this past week has really opened my eyes. I have taken too much for granted. I have reliable sources outside of myself to make me feel loved, wanted and needed. I lost my focus and replace my burning desire with dependency. Now Napoleon Hill tells me that in order to maintain my desire to win I must burn all bridges. He also tells us that all who succeed in life get off to a bad start and past-due many heartbreaking struggles Before they arrive. And that the turning point usually comes during some crisis Through which they are introduced to their other selves.

Well I definitely got off to a bad start and I’ve had my share of struggles. I have nowhere to go now but to the top. And now I can finally cut all the sources of retreat. I can now look into the mirror and smile knowing that I made the decision to do for myself instead of letting others do it for me.