How to Remember Your Daily Affirmations

This is a post about affirmations I stumbled upon when looking back through my old blog from
Although now I have no problem remembering my self-talk, this technique really helped me back then.

We all know the importance of saying our self-talk throughout the day. Our I AM statements, our affirmations. Michael Dlouhy says you should say your self-talk at least 200 times a day. So let’s see: 200 times a day, 24 hours in a day, that is over 8 times EVERY single hour? How is that possible? How can we train our minds to remember to say our affirmations throughout the day? I don’t know about you, but being a single parent of 5 boys and working my home based business full-time, I found it frustrating that each day passed before I remembered I did NOT do my self-talk for the day.

Then I learned a technique that helped me to train my mind so that it comes naturally. In about a week you will be at a point where your “I AM” statements are ALL you can think about.. And THAT my friend is how you shift your subconscious mind to raise your vibrations. It may be difficult at first, because you are still going to need a “reminder” to get you started.. This is where you can be creative. I used a ring. I can ONLY wear rings on my left hand, because they drive me crazy on my right hand (don’t ask me why). So I purposely wore a ring on my RIGHT hand.. It annoyed me ALL DAY LONG! But, that is the purpose, each time I would get annoyed by this ring, it reminded me to do my self-talk. You can also used something like a rubber band around your finger or wrist.. Anything that will keep bringing your attention to it will work.

Now that you are in the habit of reciting your self-talk several times throughout the day, it is time to bring it up a few notches. Each and every time you complete one task and move on to another, takes few moments to repeat your affirmations out loud or to yourself. For example: You close out you email and are about to get up and make you a sandwich? Before you get up, take a few moments to recite your self-talk. After yoy eat your sandwich, repeat your self-talk again. And do this throughout the day. Before you know it, your mind is in a constant state of “visualization”. And pretty soon, your visualizations will be more real and you will bring more feeling and life to them.

Practice this starting today and do not forget to comment and share this post if you enjoyed it!