The Most Addictive & Dangerous Substance Of Our Times

There is something out there that is more dangerous than cigarettes or alcohol. It has been dubbed the “most addictive and dangerous substance of our times”.

It has caused more deaths every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined, and it is the #1 leading cause of diabetes. But yet every day, millions of people knowingly and willingly put this into their bodies.

It is one of the leading causes of obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, ADHD, depression, ADD, dementia, kidney disease, cancer and even death. It is highly addictive, both physically and psychologically.

SUGAR: The Real Silent Killer

In 2013, a study estimated that 180,000 deaths worldwide may be attributed to sweetened beverages. 25,000 of those deaths were in the US alone in 2010. These deaths occurred due to the association with sugar sweetened beverages and chronic disease risks such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Study after study proves the deadly impact on today’s society.

In 2008, a study concluded that excess fructose consumption was linked to an increase in a condition called “leptin resistance”.

In 2010, a study indicated that excessive fructose intake actually caused visceral fat cells to mature, therefore increasing risk for future heart disease and diabetes.

Sugar actually promotes belly fat as well as draining vital energy to the point of exhaustion. With 800 calories in one cup of sugar, it is no wonder why sugar is also the number one cause of obesity.
Adolescent obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. And studies have indicated that by the year 2050, almost every single American will be obese.

Yes! Sugar makes you fat! While fiber, fat and protein are known to give a sense of fullness, sugar does not. You receive the calories, but your brain will not be able to let you know when you’ve had enough. Which is why you could eat a king-size pack of Twizzlers and still be able to go have dinner.

Sugar and alcohol also have similar toxic effects on the liver. There is much evidence that fructose and glucose can have a toxic effect on the liver just the same as the metabolism of ethanol does. Furthermore, sugar increases the risk for several of the same chronic conditions that alcohol is responsible for.

Alcohol= BAD
Sugar= BAD
Alcohol & Sugar= SUPER BAD

Although there may be argument of the risk versus the health benefits of the simple and natural sugars found in milk and fruit, one needs to be aware that these “healthy” foods are where you will find high levels of sugar. Mangos, bananas, grapes, tangerines etc, as well as fruit juices All have some nutritional benefits, but if you want to significantly lower your sugar intake, your best bet would be to get your beneficial nutrients from high-quality nutritionals.

There is a product called “greens” which contains over 8 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving. These are available through health food stores as well as any store that sells nutritionals. It is extremely important to find high quality products that do not contain fillers for the most benefit. I get mine here and I have taken these almost everyday for about a year now. Before that I bought mine at GNC and I paid twice as much. They come in orange flavor and my favorite which is berry flavor.

And don’t forget the hidden sugar, which can be found in such things as tomato sauce, fat-free dressings, tonic water, crackers, bread etc. READ THE LABELS.

They say a person should never have more than 15 teaspoons of sugar a day. A healthy diet should consist of no more than 4 teaspoons a day. How do you find out how much sugar is in the foods you eat? Simple!

Take the total carbohydrates- subtract the fiber and divide by 5. That will be how many teaspoons of sugar is in each serving.

Now it is sad to say but some people just don’t care, because they feel if they ever get sick there will be some sort of “cure-all” pill that they can take to get better. This is what Dallas Anderson, a scientist at the National Institute of Aging had to say about drugs verses lowering your sugar intake, “Because so many attempts to develop effective drugs have failed, It looks like, at the moment, sort of our best bet. We have to do something. If we just do nothing and wait around till there’s some kind of cocktail of pills, we could be waiting a long time.”

And with the health insurance crisis happening, many people, including myself do not have medical insurance, so the ONLY option for us is to make our health our #1 priority.

With that being said, what else is sugar responsible for that I have not mentioned?
Aging of cells
Aging of brain
Deficiencies in memory
Decreased overall cognitive health
And much much more!

Bottom line: Want to lose weight, lose belly fat, feel better, live healthier and live longer? CUT OUT THE SUGAR!!