Facebook Etiquette

Sometimes I see comments on people’s Facebook posts from a well meaning friend telling them that what they posted should be kept private and not posted publicly.

Now I do admit that I have seen some posts that are rude and outright obnoxious and I agree that not everything should be posted on social networking sites. I mean, it is your reputation at stake and you better guard it well because once it’s posted, it can never really be deleted. So yes, posting about how your date took you to this horrible restaurant is fine. Posting about how you were up all night on the toilet, NOT. You get the picture.

But this is for the ones that simply don’t like, or feel that is in “bad taste” for whatever reason that scroll along playing Facebook police. We have all seen them. Some of them correct others misspellings for them, some go along critiquing people’s pictures, and then there are those that simply want to dictate what should and should not be on Facebook.

Facebook is a diverse social platform. You have people from every walk of life. Every color, every nationality, every personality. You have every religion, every opinion and every background. Are you really going to “agree” with every post you see???

Of course not, which was quite apparent to Mark since he gave us the ability to delete those friends whom we feel are obnoxious and posting things that are not up to par with our standards.

Let’s say for example: I am a 40 year fairly attractive, single woman. So of course I am dating material. And I do date. I have went on dates from hell as well as dates that I wish would never end. And you know what? Dating is a significant part of my life. So of course I will post different things that happen in my life when it pertains to finding my “soul mate”. If I didn’t, then my entire Facebook wall would be one big cover up as I see all too often. And my posts are certainly not going to resonate with say a 70 year old woman that has been married for 50 years.

So if you do not want to read about my dating triumphs, as well as my dating woes, it is quite simple: delete! Trust me, you are not going to hurt my feelings. As a matter of fact, there is high probability that I won’t ever even know you deleted me.

But do not go around commenting on people’s posts because you feel it is your duty to inform them that you don’t want to read what they have to say. Maybe we don’t want to read the things you post either, which is why most people probably don’t.

And remember, for every one self righteous, prim and proper ninny that I offend, I guarantee there are at least 20 people that can relate to what I have to say and laughed.

So let us all just keep Facebook a happy place. You won’t like everything you see, so ju