The Worlds Best Natural Remedy for Toothache

This October will be exactly 1 year since I started brushing my teeth with plain baking soda.
It was a little tough at first because the taste of baking soda is not very palatable. I had to be very careful not to accidentally swallow any, or else my last meal would be coming up.

I will tell you why I made this change though. Last October I had a cavity filled tooth in the upper back of my mouth get infected. Other than occasional cavities, I have basically healthy teeth. I have always brushed my teeth twice a day and flossed once in a while. I was still plagued with the cavity every few years that would get to the point of needed to be extracted.

So here I am, 39 years old, and already have had all my wisdom teeth removed due to cavities. On top of that, I have had a bottom tooth removed on each side and both back top teeth removed. All the dentist would say is that it is normal when a person loses a tooth on one side, then they will most likely have the same problem with the same tooth on the other side. I was young and naive and believed that bull crap!

So now I am faced with the need to have yet another back tooth removed. I was devastated. With this tooth gone, and the bottom tooth gone, how in the world was I going to be able to chew on that side? Those thoughts became irrelevant though once the intense, excruciating, agonizing, torturous pain set in. Unable to get my hands on antibiotics and taking over 100 aspirins in a week (yes, I took a whole bottle in less than a week)
I had the dentist examine the tooth and I was told I had 2 options. I could either have a root canal at the cost of about $4000 or I would need to remove it so that it didn’t infect my neighbor tooth.

Well, a single mom of 5 boys, no insurance, you know that I really had only one option. I voiced my concern to the dentist about chewing and his words to me were “Well I guess you will have to gum it!”

Those words pierced through my skull like a knife. I refused to “gum” my food. So home I went determined I would find a “cure” for my infected tooth.

I did however have a prescription now for some Antibiotics so my pain started to ease after the second day. Within 5 days the pain was gone but I was left with sores from all the “home remedies” I had been using. Garlic, listerine, tequila, etc. If I read about it, I tried it.

One of the “remedies” did seem to stand out. I read story after story of people using baking soda to cure cavities. And the ones that have used baking soda their whole life had never had a cavity? That was quite interesting. So off to Walmart I went for my 50 cent box of baking soda.

The first time using it was a little rough. But afterwards, I liked how my teeth felt so much cleaner than when I used toothpaste. My breath definitely did not smell as fresh but I found that a piece of Trident afterwards was much better.

The next thing I started to notice was that my pain was non existent. As long as brushed with pure baking soda I had absolutely NO pain. I would brush with toothpaste occasionally such as when I would spend the night away from home, and each time I did, my tooth would start to throb.

So now I am here almost one year later and my tooth has not given me any problems whatsoever. I still have my tooth and I am able to eat just fine on that side. Thank you baking soda!!!

Now for the next awesome testimony on the power of baking soda?
My 16 year old son has had the most dental issues out of all my kids. He is still in the process of getting his teeth fixed. Two more fillings and two root canals and he will be finished.
Now my son is a different story. Although he did only brush his teeth once a day, he was drinking about 5-6 cans of soda a day as well. He has done that for years, which is the main reason for all his dental issues. He has cut out the sodas over a year ago and started drinking water. Even after cutting out soda, brushing twice a day with some prescription toothpaste they gave him, his teeth did not improve. Each dentist visit he was needing more and more work.

So about 4 months ago I convinced him to start using baking soda like I do. And he did! He brushes now twice a day with pure baking soda and he still has a few sodas throughout the week.

Last week at the dentist, while they were filling another cavity, the dentist for the FIRST time ever, told me and my son how his teeth has improved so much and that they had never looked so good!!!!! THANK YOU baking soda!!!

So after this work is finished on my sons teeth, he should not need a dentist ever again other than the 6 month cleaning. 🙂

I am now one HAPPY mom!!! And my TEETH are happy too!!! And so are my sons! Who woulda thought a 50cent box of baking soda could make such a difference?