Probability & Statistics

Written Jan 2009

Probability? Statistics?
I have always hated these terms. I always heard things like “you’ll probably be pregnant by the time you’re 16” or “you’ll probably never get married” or “you’ll probably end up in jail like your dad”

And statistics? What are the statistics that a young unwed mother will end up on welfare? Or what are the odds that a high school drop out will never have a high paying job?

I have always tried to defy the law of probability and statistics, which only resulted in my limited outlook on life. I never used the term “superstitious” but I made myself believe that all my misfortunes and bad experiences were a result of a “curse” or “spell” that was cast upon my mother before my birth. In fact, I told myself that lie for over 20 years.

Had I realized that I was the creator of my life, I could have taken the necessary steps to make changes long ago. Instead I held on to my superstitious beliefs and it caused me at times, unbearable pain, hurt and anger.

Only in the past year I have received the knowledge that I am responsible for everything in my life. It was a tough pill to swallow at first, because how can I blame myself for the awful things that have happened to me? But with the help of MFF over the past 5 months. I have learned not only how to accept it, but WHY I have created the life that I have. My reality is the direct result of choices I have made, not the result of some “curse” that was presented to me at birth.

And just the fact that I am now aware of this, in all probability, I can now change my life. And that is a probability that I can accept.

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