Proven Success in Your Business

We’ve all heard the fable of the tortoise and the hare. No matter what that crazy hair does to attempt victory, the tortoise always wins. That consistent effort always pays off.

The story can teach us a lot about success in business. Let’s face it: most people want quick success, And that’s possible in this profession. I encourage it! But don’t confuse building your business quickly with cutting corners. Most run as hard as they can but soon realize that if they cut corners and don’t follow a proven system in network marketing, they typically end up burned out.

Not to worry; there is a way to virtually guarantee success in your business, and you don’t have to be a college graduate, super salesperson or have advanced technical skills at all. It may not happen overnight, but fortunately for most people, the “Tortoise Technique” will ultimately lead to success!

I heard this saying more than a decade ago, when I started in network marketing, and it has always stuck with me and let to the creation of this technique:
Consistent effort doesn’t always lead to consistent results, but it always leads to success.

Anytime we do something in network marketing, we have to ask ourselves two questions:
1. Can others typically do what we are doing? If not, don’t do it.
2. Will this activity always lead to success?
Keyword: always

Most people have different goals and dreams in this profession and so are not geared alike. The person who wants to earn $500 per month is not necessarily interested in doing as many activities as someone who wants there in $5000 per month. This led to the realization that teaching everyone to focus on the same amount of daily activity was really not a sustainable business principle that could be duplicated. Telling someone to make 10 presentations per day maybe perfect for the person who wants to earn a full-time income, but may scare off the spare time are looking to supplement their “shoe allowance”.

Simply “doing” these three daily Tortoise Techniques for your business not only increases your personal production, but will ultimately duplicate lightning fast throughout the organization.

1. Develop Daily. Every day do something to better yourself personally. Read an inspiring book. Don’t like reading? Listen to a motivational message. Join a small group. Do a devotional. Early in my career I started reading one proverb per day from the Bible. It was a great start to the day and sound wisdom for life and business. If you need a starting point and don’t know what to look, start there.

2. Display Daily. What are your network marketing business is something you do in your spare time are as a full-time undertaking, don’t forget that everywhere you go on a daily basis there are people who are likely inched it and what you have to offer. The only way you will know is to put your business on display. Call them blitz cards are business tools, but make sure everybody’s getting one in their hand every single day. Put your business on display. Where daily literature flows, cash grows.

3. Demonstrate Daily. Many times and that will marketing your product or service can be demonstrated by a sample or, better yet, someone paying you for a product experience. Do it daily. Every day your products should be experienced by a new person. Don’t have enough context make that happen? Well, you’re probably not consistent yet with No.2 above. This may take time but if you’re consistent with No. 1, develop yourself daily, and No. 2, putting your business on display daily, pretty soon you’ll have more people to demonstrate your product than you know what to do with. You can take that to the bank…. Literally!

Start implementing the Tortoise Technique today. It’s the compounding effect of each daily activity above. It’s not 21 activities on Sunday. Do it daily. Soon, bye leading by example, your one daily demonstration will turn into 10, 100, 1000+, because of the compounding effect of your entire growing team implementing the Tortoise Technique.
So go ahead; be a tortoise – win the race!

By Mike Potillo